Preparations Before The End Of Lease Cleaning

Preparations Before The End Of Lease Cleaning

When moving out of your home, you will want to get back your bond payment. Therefore, you will need to do end of tenancy cleaning. There is a lot more involved than in the regular cleaning you previously did on a weekly basis. The downside arises when you are just about to complete your lease and move with your belongings. Vacating preparations begin long before you call up the home cleaning services. Below is an end of lease guide that might come in handy during packing.

How to go about end of lease cleaning

Decluttering: 6 months prior

gdhghgfhfghfghfghSix months is a suitable time to begin arrangements for your end of year clean. However, the earlier you start, the more stress-free the experience. Your aim during this period is to declutter your home. This is irrespective of whether you have resided for a year or a decade. Every home has unwanted stuff that accumulates over time. Six months are long enough to decide on what you want to keep or discard. By the time you are a week away from moving out and call up the lease cleaning services, everything will be boxed up.

Takedown: 3 months prior

This is the perfect time to begin uninstalling stuff around the house that is quite demanding. There can be heavy machinery that requires getting a little dirty. These items might consume a lot of time if dismantled at the last minute so doing it now will be prudent. Wall-drilled hooks, paintings, and shelves are some examples. Once they are disassembled, they can be packaged right away. After relocating or moving a semi-stationary object, you might also have to do a little house cleaning where it previously rested. This will be the perfect time to re-polish this surfaces or seal gaping holes.

Yard Sale: A month prior

Bring out all the unwanted material you had sorted out for the last six months for disposal. It’s better to earn something out of these items by disposing of them in a yard sale. If you do not feel enthusiastic about moving an item to your new residence, dispose it off. The money earned out of the yard sale can cover for the end of lease cleaning Melbourne. The items that require time to find a buyer can be posted online. After the sale expires, items you were unable to sale can be dropped off at local institutions and centers.

Packing: Three weeks prior

fghgfhfghfghgfhgfhThis is the perfect time to box up most of your items. Joint house cleaning by the whole family can slowly begin as this will save up on work from the final day. Boxing up your items can be done in two ways. Either in the manner in which the new rooms will be organized or according to kitchen or bathroom stuff. Whatever you choose, ensure that you fully maximize your packing space, so you remain efficient and economical.

Final touches: A week before

Set out all clothes you need to wear on your last week and pack the rest. It might be the best time to use paper plates and ready to cook meals. It is during this week where you will have your end of lease cleaning.